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About Us - Meet Our Team

Capital Advisors LLC - We have over a century of combined experience serving entrepreneurs with excellence

Buying or selling a business, is a significant transition in your life. When you choose us to successfully navigate that change, you’ll experience the benefits of working with a team of experts.

We all have a passion for helping entrepreneurs get great results in buying or selling a business. Each of our different skills and talents work together to serve you with the depth and breadth to get your deal done well.
Capital Advisors LLC
Capital Advisors LLC
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Dennis Smith, CBI, CPA, CVA
Business Intermediary Ask Dennis what he loves about being a business intermediary and he’ll tell you it’s structuring deals so they are a win for all involved. And even though he’s been serving entrepreneurs for over 40 years as a CPA, it’s not just the numbers that make it a win for him. It’s the myriad elements that need to be negotiated so the deal comes together in a good way. He brings expertise as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), which provides a way to practically apply the business valuation principles to help business owners benefit from their years of hard work
Eric Reinemer, CBI, CPA
Business Intermediary When Eric is asked what he loves about being a business intermediary, he’ll tell you it’s bringing the people and the deal-making process together, along with managing all the data and emotions in a way that the deal can close to everyone’s satisfaction. The more heated the negotiations become, Eric keeps his cool and helps others keep theirs so successful results can be achieved. With over 20 years of serving as a part-time CFO, and his experience as a Certified Business Intermediary, he has the full array of expertise to make a deal happen
Loni Woodley, CPA
Business Intermediary Loni’s expertise is in working as a strategic partner with clients on business improvement, restructuring, operational efficiencies, complex refinancing issues and human resources changes. He has served as a CFO and internal consultant for entrepreneurial companies as well as public organizations.

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