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Getting Started: We’re here to take you beyond your concerns

Selling a business takes a lot of time. And it can present plenty of headaches. When you choose to work with Capital Advisors LLC we’ll lead you through the selling process so the time you invest moves you toward your goal. And we’ll help you minimize the headaches. Our work together will help you:
  • Set a price
  • Decide on the best advertising plan
  • Negotiate with prospective buyers
  • Work with your attorney and other professional advisors
  • Recast your financial information so that it puts your company in the best light
  • Solve the day-to-day problems that arise during the sales process

There are lots of ups and downs in the selling process that we can help you navigate.

Facts About The Business Sales Process:

There are lots of ups and downs in the selling process that we can help you navigate:


In order to have a smooth transition, we work with you so that your employees, customers and competitors are unaware that you are working to sell your business.

Working with us saves you time, and frustration, as you enter into selling your business. Selling businesses is what we are expert at, and we’ll help you through everything, from finding a fair market value, to handling all the financial arrangements, communicating between the parties, and completing the sales process at the closing table.

We take your business to market to introduce it to well qualified and ready buyers. We do this with the greatest confidentiality, and a keen eye to qualifying prospective buyer’s skills and management talents. Having us as a third party is invaluable to you in this process.

Our keen eye also extends to the buyer’s financial qualifications.

Did you know that only one out of 10 buyers ever buys the type of business they called about? Only one out of 400 buyers buys the specific business advertised! While this can be maddening if you try to sell your business alone, it's a big plus if you are working with us. Since we receive dozens of inquiries each day, the fact that you listed your firm with us increases the likelihood of finding a buyer early in the selling process.

A key piece is coming to a price that works in the current marketplace.

And at every step of the due diligence process, we coach you to do the work to gain confidence that you’re selecting the best buyer.

Then, as all the information and people begin pulling the information and themselves into the final piece of this work, we work to bring all the pieces together in a way that the deal can be brought to completion.

At Capital Advisors are well-trained professionals who are aware of your needs. In fact, we all have great experience coaching small business owners. Whether you are ready to sell your business now or are just beginning to think about it, call us for a confidential, no cost appointment and business evaluation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We can make selling your business a successful, rewarding experience from your first meeting with us to the day you turn over the keys to the new owner.


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